Monday, October 16, 2017

Oklahoma Lefty Podcast # 16 & # 16.2: All Covers Edition

So I've been sitting on these two unfinished episodes of the Oklahoma Lefty Podcast and decided to just finish and post them both today.  Episode # 16 includes new tracks from Cold Wrecks, Iron Chic, Drawstring, Bash & Pop, and Hard Girls plus classics from Riot Squad, The Pietasters, and Capterhouse.  Episode # 16.2 is an all covers edition that includes the Radio Reds covering Modern English, Red City Radio taking on White Lion, The GC5 and Pinhead Gunpowder covering The Replacements, and Bad Brains with Henry Rollins opening the show kicking out a blistering rendition of an MC5 classic.

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Oklahoma Lefty Podcast # 16

1.  "Past Is Pain" by Boys Home (from Wishbone)
2.  "Drunk Again" by Bogues (from Mulligan)
3.  "We're Gonna Need a Bigger Boat" by Landlines (from Blue)
4.  "River Mountain Love" by Truck Stop Love (from Can't Hear It: 1991?-?1994)
5.  "Up Against the Wall" by Superchunk (from "I Got Cut" b/w "Up Against the Wall")
6.  "Forever Family" by Ann Beretta (from Ann Beretta)
7.  "Puddle of Blood" by Hard Girls (from Floating Now)
8.  "Madison" by Cold Wrecks (from Tiny Refuge)
9.  "Forecast" by Drawstring (from Forecast)
10.  "Bad News" by The Lazy Cowgirls (from A Little Sex and Death)
11.  "West End Kids" by The Bodies (from Cheap Shots and Low Blows, Vol. 1: The TKO Singles 1997-1998)
12.  "New Breed" by The Pietasters (from Willis)
13.  "Front Seat" by Dropkick Murphys (from Boys on the Docks)
14.  "Fool for Love" by The Heartdrops (from This is The Heartdrops)
15.  "You're the Love" by The Inciters (from Movin' On)
16.  "James 5" by Riot Squad (from Riot Squad)
17.  "Too Late (feat. Nicole Atkins)" by Bash & Pop (from Too Late / Saturday)
18.  "Hot Tramps (Quiet Slang)" by Beach Slang (from Hot Tramps (Quiet Slang) [Amazon Original])
19.  "Breather" by Chapterhouse (from Whirlpool)
20.  "Tellin' Lies" by The Menzingers (from After The Party)
21.  "A Headache With Pictures" by Iron Chic (from You Can't Stay Here)
22.  "Totally Fucked" by Pass Away (from Totally Fucked)

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Oklahoma Lefty Podcast # 16.2: All Covers Edition

1.  "Kick Out the Jams" by Bad Brains & Henry Rollins (from Pump Up the Volume [Original Soundtrack])
2.  "Shout It Out Loud" by Zeke (from Of Things to Come)
3.  "(What's So Funny About) Peace, Love, and Understanding" by Down By Law (from Before You Were Punk)
4.  "Talkin' Bout A Revolution" by Leatherface (from Compact And Bijou)
5.  "Wendy" by Descendents (from Enjoy!)
6.  "Achin' To Be" by Pinhead Gunpowder (from Shoot The Moon)
7.  "Head On (Video Version)" by Pixies (from Trompe Le Monde)
8.  "Little Fighter" by Red City Radio (from Red City Radio / The Gamits Split)
9.  "Jackson" by The Honest Heart Collective (from Cash)
10.  "Joey" by The Horrible Crowes (from Elise)
11.  "Bastards of Young" by The GC5 (from Kisses from Hanoi / Horeshoes & Handgrenades)
12.  "Living After Midnight" by The Donnas (from The Donnas Turn 21)
13.  "Melt With You" by Radio Reds (from Fire Academy)
14.  "I Think I'm In Love" by Sinkhole (from Groping for Trout)
15.  "Pretty Good Year" by Chuck Ragan (from Give and Take)
16.  "Motoraway" by Broken Gold (from EP III)
17.  "American Girl" by Frank Turner (from The Third Three Years)
18.  "Kissed the Bottle" by Lucero (from The Attic Tapes)
19.  "Luka" by The Lemonheads (from Lick)
20.  "No Surrender" by Roustabouts (from Midwest Rules, Vol. 2: You're Weak--We're Strong)
21.  "39" by Swingin' Utters (from BYO Split Series, Vol. 2)
22.  "True Belivers" by Hot Water Music (from The Bouncing Souls / Hot Water Music)

Monday, September 25, 2017

Concert Review: Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls, Bogues, Boys Home at 89th Street Collective

Artists:  Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTubeWikipedia), Bogues (Facebook, Twitter, InstagramBandCamp), Boys Home (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Bandsintown, BandCamp)
Venue:  89th Street Collective (Official, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram)
Date:  September 25, 2017

This show wasn't supposed to happen.  Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls were scheduled to open for Jason Isbell & the 400 Unit at The Criterion Sunday night September 25th.  Due to a death in the family in the Isbell camp, that concert and the following shows on the tour were cancelled/postponed.  Turner being the touring monster that he is, reached out and got added to the bill at the 89th Street Collective with Bogues and Boys Home.  The change was announced on Friday and was sold out well before the doors opened at 7:00 PM.  This was the second time Turner and company played 8911 N Western Ave., the first was in 2011 when the venue was know as The Conservatory and he was supporting his fourth full-length album England Keep My Bones.  This time around Turner noted that the bathrooms "were marginally better."  Speaking of the venue, this was my first trip back to 89th Street since November of 2016 when I saw Beach Slang and I must say I love what the owners have done with the place.  I have been going to shows in this building for nearly 18 years, and it was in rough shape back then.  The building's still in rough shape, but the folks running it now are obviously pour a lot of hard work and money into making it a great place to see live music.

The show opened with Kansas natives Boys Home who played '90s drenched emo in the vein of Sunny Day Real Estate.  The trio was tight, played their songs with heart and fervor, and got the off the stage in 30 minutes flat.  Solo artist Bogues took the stage next and despite having some fun banter back and forth with the crowd, got up there, knocked out five or so great fuzzy indie rock numbers, and got the fuck out of dodge.  I've been to a lot of shows over the years, but I have never seen two bands nail the opening act position quite like these guys did.  They got in and got out and never for a second had the audience wishing they would leave.  In fact I think it's safe to say that must of us in attendance were left wanting more.  That's how you do it people!  It also doesn't hurt that both bands were really good and well worth checking out.

When Frank Turner & the Sleeping Souls took the stage, the room was buzzing.  The anticipation for this show, seeing this incredible artist in such an intimate setting, was palpable and oh dear lord did they deliver.  From the opening crash of "Get Better" to the closing crescendo of "Four Simple Words," Turner commanded and captivated the room.  We held on his every word and the Sleeping Souls drove every note home with passion and purpose.  This band is an incredibly well-oiled machine and Frank Turner is the epitome of a legendary rock 'n' roll front-man.  There was dancing and hand clapping, sing-a-longs and crowd surfing, and all of it was an emotional and spiritual experience.  The power of music to uplift and heal was on full display on N. Western Ave. last night as many souls were saved by the power of rock 'n' roll.  I feel very fortunate to have had the privilege to see Frank Turner live and experience the true power of music.    

The Voices of a Generation X # 03: The Replacements

This week on The Voices of a Generation X -- The Replacements.   They weren't the first and certainly not the last, but more than any other group The Replacements embodied everything that was and is Generation X.  A group of misfits from Minneapolis, MN, The Replacements banged out a series of classic records that, at the time, went completely under the radar yet they still managed to influence a slew of other artists and become legends without ever touching or even sniffing the pop charts.  The angst and frustration of our generation was beautifully and perfectly captured in songs like "Bastards of Young," "Unsatisfied," and "Never Mind."  We're a generation of broken families, missed opportunities, and untapped potential and no one ever knew or expressed that better than The Replacements.  Their music (including Paul Westerberg and Tommy Stinson post-Mats projects) has become to be a huge part of my life and touched me deeply becoming an integral part of who I am.  I am very much a person that has been defined by music.  Outside of my family, I have three passions in my life and music is the one that is the highest on that list.  The Replacements have become a core part of that passion, in no small part I'm sure due to their place in the history and culture of my generation...or at least my small corner of this generation.  They were misfits and outcasts who wore their hearts on their sleeves and had a tendency to completely fuck things up and never reach their fullest potential.  If that isn't a summation of my life, I don't know what is.  They may never have been real, full-blown rock stars but they wrote music that spoke to a group of people that desperately needed it and needed to know that they were not alone.  For that, I am eternally grateful.

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Destination Earth X # 08: Aliens, Immigrants, and Fox News Oh My

This week I discuss, nay rant about the controversy over Action Comics # 987 and the sad state of American journalism, plus my review of the season premiere of Gotham season four, and This Week's Pull.

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Saturday, September 23, 2017

Top 20 Records of 1997

1997 was an interesting year in music.  You had the rise of Hellcat Records, best of collections released for the likes of the Pixies, Cock Sparrer, and The Replacements, plus the emergence of TKO Records, and a reunion of the Rumors lineup of Fleetwood Mac.  It was a year that saw the release of a lot of 7 inches and EPs by up and coming labels from some bands that would go on to big things and others that would fade away.  This was also the year of the short-lived '60s soul revival with bands like The Inciters and The Pietasters knocking out records that take you back to the glory days of Sam & Dave, Otis Redding, and Wilson Pickett; many, many record label sampler compilations; and Dwight Yoakam covering The Clash.  Overall it was a pretty weird year.

One of the biggest challenges in putting this list together had to do with the fact that so many of the great records of 1997 were released on small labels that no longer exist and the availability of information on these releases ranges from little to none.  And on that note, a lot of this stuff isn't available on Spotify, so I've created a playlist on YouTube.  Hopefully this works...

Check out my other posts looking back at the music of the past 20 years: 1991, 1992, 1993, 1994, 1995, 1996.

20.  More Bounce To The Ounce by v/a
19.  A Little Sex and Death by The Lazy Cowgirls
18.  Under the Covers by Dwight Yoakam
17.  The Colour and the Shape by Foo Fighters
16.  The Dance by Fleetwood Mac
15.  Bloody Minded... The Best Of Cock Sparrer by Cock Sparrer
14.  Last of the Sharpshooters by Down by Law
13.  Willis by The Pietasters
12.  All for Nothing / Nothing for All by The Replacements
11.  Boys on the Docks by Dropkick Murphys
10.  The Donnas by The Donnas
9.  The Bouncing Souls by The Bouncing Souls
9.  War Birth by US Bombs
7.  The Bodies by The Bodies
6.  Movin' On by The Inciters!
5.  Before You Were Punk: A Punk Rock Tribute to 80's New Wave by v/a
4.  Bootlegger's Son by One Man Army
3.  This Is The Heartdrops by The Heartdrops
2.  Give 'Em the Boot by v/a
1.  Riot Squad by Riot Squad

Honorable Mentions -- 
Class Separation by The Forgotten
No Requests Tonight by The Devil Dogs
Let's Face It by The Mighty Mighty Bosstones
Something to Remember Me By by Ben Lee
Fuel for the Hate Game by Hot Water Music
Well And Good by Zoinks!
Death to the Pixies by Pixies

Monday, September 18, 2017

Sunday, September 17, 2017

Oklahoma Lefty Podcast # 15

This week we have new stuff from Adam Darowski, Diet Cig, Tim Barry, and Choke Up plus cult classics from Jawbreaker, Those Unknown, and Husker Du.

1.  "Never Going Back" by Hot Water Music (from Light It Up)
2.  "Say 123" by Flowers (from Say 123)
3.  "Find the Way" by Adam Darowski (from Find the Way / Half Step)
4.  "Blue Moon" by Choke Up (from Stormy Blue)
5.  "Hypnotize You" by The Gomes (from Hypnotize You)
6.  "My Best Friend (Is A Nihilist)" by Iron Chic (from You Can't Stay Here)
7.  "Dramamine" by Jeff Rosenstock (from Dramamine)
8.  "Achin" by Poor Form (from Achin)
9.  "Sixteen" by Diet Cig (from Swear I'm Good at This)
10.  "Purple Mountains" by Able Baker Fox (from Visions)
11.  "Ivy League" by Alex Lahey (from B-Grade University)
12.  "No Prevail" by Those Unknown (from Those Unknown)
13.  "Hero" by The Nixons (from Six)
14.  "High On 95" by Tim Barry (from High On 95)
15.  "Busy" by Jawbreaker (from Unfun)
16.  "Come On, All You Fascists" by Shane Sweeney (from Come On, All You Fascists)
17.  "Someday" by The Outlets (from The Outlets)
18.  "Anything Could Happen" by Bash & Pop (from Anything Could Happen)
19.  "Green Eyes" by The Plurals (from RIP Grant Hart)
20.  "Keep Hanging On" by Husker Du (from Flip Your Wig)
21.  "Please Please Please Let Me Get What I Want" by The Smiths (from Pretty in Pink)

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Tuesday, September 05, 2017

Oklahoma Lefty Podcast # 14

On this edition of the Oklahoma Lefty Podcast we have new stuff from Dizzy Bats, TV Crime, The Homeless Gospel Choir, and Fresh plus Higley, Red Forty, The Forgotten, and much more.

1.  "Get Bent" by Fresh (from Fresh)
2.  "Clocking In" by TV Crime (from Clocking In / Clocking Out 7")
3.  "Maybeing" by Armchair Martian (from Hang on Ted)
4.  "Some Friends" by Kali Masi (from Wind Instrument)
5.  "I'm Listening" by Dizzy Bats (from I Don't Live Here Anymore)
6.  "Who We Are" by Descendents (from Who We Are)
7.  "Nothing" by Drawstring (from One)
8.  "And Such And Such" by The Forty Nineteens (from Good Fortune)
9.  "All the Same" by Needles//Pins (from Good Night, Tomorrow)
10.  "Lucky Seven" by The Scandals (from Lucky Seven)
11.  "2nd Class Citizen" by The Forgotten (from Veni Vidi Vici)
12.  "Novocaine" by The Carolyn (from Keepsake)
13.  "Seventeen" by Red Forty (from Discography)
14.  "Teenage Feelings" by Kamikaze Girls (from Seafoam)
15.  "5 Minutes" by Higley (from Higley)
16.  "Normal" by The Homeless Gospel Choir (from The Homeless Gospel Choir Presents Normal)
17.  "It's the End of the World As We Know It (And I Feel Fine)" by R.E.M. (from MTV Unplugged)
18.  "Bad Art & Weirdo Ideas [Quiet Slang]" by Beach Slang (from We Were Babies & We Were Dirtbags)

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Destination Earth X # 06: Secret Empire Finale Review

This week I review the finale of Marvel's Secret Empire event, look at the first stops in DC's Dark Nights: Metal event, plus This Week's Pull and What I'm Reading Right Now.

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